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Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies
University of Mississippi

Important info to know about the Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies degree program

Grade requirements: Multi-Disciplinary Studies requires a minimum final grade of C- for all courses used toward a minor. There are no exceptions made. For minors that specifically state in the catalog that a final grade of C is required, a grade of C minus is not accepted, and a course with a final grade of C- or below would need to be repeated. It is the student’s responsibility to know which of his/her chosen minors require a C or better (in the catalog description of the specific minor).

Credit hour requirements: Students must complete a minimum of 120 degree applicable credit hours (repeated courses and DS courses, for example, are not degree applicable). At least 30 of those hours must be taken from UM, and at least 30 must be taken at the 300 level or higher. Only 60 credit hours may be used toward the degree from a 2-year college.

Required courses: Students in the Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies degree program must complete the requirements of their three selected minors as outlined in the UM catalog. The minor requirements are set forth by the schools/departments that own them and not by the Office of General Studies, so we have no authority to make exceptions or substitutions to the requirements.

Course availability: The Office of General Studies has no control over course offerings in a semester. Courses are offered by the schools/departments that own those courses. Once a course is closed, the staff in the Office of General Studies has no authority to add a student to any class. The procedure for a student adding a closed class is for the student to contact the professor. If the professor agrees to add the student to the course, the secretary of the department owning the course must add the student.

Online courses: Many students desire online courses, so these are typically the first courses to close once registration begins. Again, the Office of General Studies cannot add a student to a closed course, web or other.

Knowledge of degree/minor requirements: Students in the Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies degree program are responsible for completing the requirements for the degree and for each minor. The requirements are detailed in the UM catalog as well as on the student’s Degree Progress Report in MyOleMiss. Students should review the Degree Progress Report each semester to determine what courses he/she lacks. An advisor is assigned to each student to assist with course selection and to answer questions about procedures and policies, but the student is ultimately responsible for completing degree requirements.

Each course can only be used to satisfy one requirement, i.e., a course applied toward one minor cannot be used to satisfy the requirement of another minor or core curriculum requirement. If a student selects two minors that require one or more of the same courses, the student will have to take additional credit hours in one of the subject areas.