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Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies
University of Mississippi


Each student in the Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies program is assigned an academic advisor on his or her campus and has an Advisor Hold placed on his or her account that can only be removed by the assigned academic advisor. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor before priority registration for the fall and spring semesters to discuss progress toward the degree, review GPA’s, and select courses for the upcoming semester.

Below are instructions for scheduling an advising appointment on your campus:

Oxford Christie Rogers Students with last names beginning with A-L, click to schedule online.
Oxford Stacey Goliday Students with last names beginning with M-Z, click to schedule online.
Tupelo Melanie Clement Click to schedule online.
DeSoto Valerie Haynes Click to schedule online.
Grenada LaTonya Pittman Call 662-227-2348
Booneville Tamulia L. Salters Click to schedule online.
Call 662-720-7782 or e-mail


We want our students to have the best advising experience possible. In order for us to serve you best, please:

  • schedule an appointment in advance—it takes us time to review your degree progress, and we want to be prepared enough to advise you accurately. In addition, we may already have a full schedule of appointments, and we don’t want you to make a wasted trip
  • Review your checklist of requirements for the MDS degree (if you can’t find yours, a blank one is available on this website)
  • review the requirements for your 3 minors (in the online UM catalog)
  • verify or change your anticipated graduation date (log into myOleMiss, select “Academics” tab, and then click on “Anticipated Graduation Date” link in the menu on the left side of the page) so we’ll be able to develop a plan for completing your degree Note: your graduation date is when you will be completely finished with your degree, not when you will walk in commencement (for example, you may walk in May commencement but actually be an August graduate)
  • Review your transcripts to see if there are any courses for which you can use the forgiveness policy—recent changes to the policy may benefit you (find out more at
  • Review your Transfer Equivalency Report to make sure Ole Miss has received all of your transcripts from other institutions (we don’t want to advise you to take classes you’ve already had that we’re unaware of)
  • write down any questions that you want to remember to ask the advisor about
  • keep your scheduled appointment time—if you arrive late, it will cut our time short with you (we’ll have appointments scheduled for every 30 minutes). If you miss your scheduled appointment time, you will have to reschedule and we may already be booked up for several days.

Campus Advisors

Booneville –Tamulia L. Salters,
Booneville Regional Campus
101 Cunningham Blvd, Booneville, MS 38829,
Oxford – Christie Rogers,
Office of General Studies,
K06 Jackson Avenue Center (Central), University, MS 38677,,
Desoto – Valerie Haynes,
1150 Church Rd.,
Southaven, MS 38671,,
662-393-9290 x100
Tupelo – Melanie G. Clement,
Tupelo Regional Campus Advanced Education Center,
1918 Briar Ridge Road, Tupelo, MS 38804,,
Grenada – LaTonya Pittman,
Grenada Regional Campus,
1060 Avent Drive,
Grenada, MS 38901,,